You just bought a manufactured or modular home, how exciting! But Having it delivered isn’t  just a quick drop. There are many things that you need to do to prepare the site for your new home. It is important to hire professionals to get the job done right! If you live in Oregon or Washington ConKraft Construction is the way to go! Here are some of the things you must do to prepare your site for your new home!  First things first you must decide on where you want to put your new home! Once you decide where  you want it then you must find out whether or not you are allowed to place your home there. Permits must be submitted to get the ok to place your home as well as other home necessities! A great thing about using ConKraft Construction is that they have found their niche is site preparation and they will take care of getting the permits for you! With that being such a tough process sometimes, using an experienced professional may be the way to go. After all the permits  have been approved the next step is preparing the site. Make sure that all the foliage is cleared and that there is easy access. If there are curbs or other obstacles make sure to remove them or build a ramp over the curb. Another Key thing is to check the dirt. You much find out if this dirt is able to hold the weight  of your new home. Luckily the folks at ConKraft Construction will know exactly what to do and they will walk you through the process. Unless your site comes already prepared with city water, sewer, and electricity there the is some more work that needs to be done. Even if it is set up with city amenities it is generally only to the lot line and you must have piping, and electrical brought to the spot that it needs to go. If your site does not include city water or sewer then you much have a well dug and a septic put in. ConKraft Construction can help you with all of these essentials! Something else that you must decide on is if you want a driveway put it, or any outbuildings.  An Outbuilding would be a garage, barn, or shed. Many homeowners choose to have at least have a garage. You must also decide if you want to put decking around the home or heating and air systems. Just let your friends at ConKraft Construction know what your ideas are and they can give you an estimate.  Everyone knows that the roots to a home are its foundation. When you put down a manufactured or modular home you also must be sure to get the perfect foundation put in. Having an uneven foundation will lead to many issues in the home later on. You will also want to have skirting put around your manufactured home. As well as leaving from for crawl space access. These are some very important things  that ConKraft Construction can assist with. When it comes to all of your site preparation needs, whether it be for a manufactured home, a stick built home, a barn, or a large business ConKraft Construction is there to help you every  step of the way. Quality work, on time, and on budget, can’t get any better than that!