Do you love your home but wish that you could have a little extra space? Whether it be an indoor or outdoor space that you are craving then ConKraft Construction can be a big help when trying to figure out what you want to do. There are many types of additions that you can choose from. At ConKraft Construction we offer a variety of additions to suit your specific needs.

Outdoor Spaces

                    Do you and your family love spending time outdoors? Maybe you are considering making more living space outside? For more outdoor living adding a covered patio or awning would be a great addition to your space! ConKraft Construction offers both awnings and covered patios. They can also lay the concrete down for your outdoor space! Another great addition to your outdoor living space is adding in a deck! A deck is a great place to kick back and relax and perfect for entertaining large groups. Whether you want a large, multiple-level deck or just a simple small deck you can describe what you want and ConKraft Construction can help your dreams come alive by build the deck or patio that you desire.

Functional Additions

                  Do you live in a cool weather or rainy climate? Did you just buy a house that doesn’t have a garage? Do you need a little extra storage? Well ConKraft Construction can help you with your needs! If you already have a garage but use it mainly for storage but you are tired of getting rained on then it might be time to add a carport to your garage, not only does it protect your car from the elements but it comes in handy when you are trying to unload groceries during a winter storm! Maybe you just had a site prepped for a manufactured home and you have decided that you would also love to have a garage! Adding an additional garage is a great option when buying a manufactured home as most do not come with garages! Maybe you just downsized or you have a large amount of tools, whatever it is that you need to store adding a storage shed to your yard can make a great addition. ConKraft can help you from start to finish from helping with permits to laying the concrete to the finished product!

The Need for More Space

                  Whether you want to add some more space to a small bathroom or if you want the kitchen or your dreams or add on a full room, you can get the space you want on time and on budget! Sometimes people love to add a nice sunroom for reading, painting  or just relaxing and watching the world go by! Or maybe you need a functional addition for a growing family such as a whole new bedroom. Another great addition is adding a living space for the whole family. Many homes only come with one small living space, especially older homes, and many times this isn’t enough. We have big TVs, big sectional couches, toys, and other large items now. If you just want to add a small addition or a full remodel then ConKraft Construction can assist you with all your needs.

                 So when it comes to adding an addition to your home, big or small, indoor or outdoors the need is there and you need a reliable contractor. It is great to have a contractor that you can trust to ease your mind by getting the job done from start to finish including permits. If you want a contractor that gets the job done on budget and on time then give ConKraft Construction a call!