Concrete Work Around the Home

The are many reasons why you may need concrete done around your home or business. Finding a reputable contractor is an import part of doing any kind of work around the home. At ConKraft Construction we offer a variety of concrete work from basic RV Pads to elaborate sidewalks. We will also help with obtaining the permits needed for making modifications to your property. So whatever you have in mind for concrete improvements just give us a call and we will work with you.

Decorative Concrete Improvements

There many different decorative uses concrete flatwork on your property such as adding a beautiful patio. Adding a patio is a great addition to any yard, it is a beautiful outdoor living space for the whole family. Maybe you have a beautiful large garden to walk through but you would love to add some decorative sidewalks through your garden or maybe you need a sidewalk for a more practical reason. Often times we need a sidewalk through our front yards or through a muddy spot between your garage and your home. Another type of concrete work that can be either decorative or a necessity is getting a driveway. Maybe your current driveway is functional but you would really like to have one that looks fresh and new or a different configuration. One thing that could be considered a functional and decorative concrete improvement would also be adding outside stairs. Whether your current stairs are crumbling, they aren’t the kind that your would like, or you would like to switch from wooden stairs to a more durable set of concrete steps then contact ConKraft Construction can help you with your needs. These are some concrete improvements that you can do to gain some curb appeal or functionality for your home.

Home Necessities

When we think about buying a home one of the first questions that we always have is about the foundation. The foundation is the root of every home, it makes it strong and sturdy. Having a bad foundation with create a myriad of other issue in your home. Because of the importance of the foundation it is always essential to find a contractor that you trust, someone who is reliable and has a great reputation. So always do a lot of research on who you are hiring for this important job. Something else that is a necessity to many homes is getting the floors done in your garage or in a storage shed. We would love to have a nice, clean, and even floor to park our cars on. It is also very nice to have a nice dry floor in a storage shed to keep your valuables or tools. For those with big toys for recreational use they might want to have an RV pad put down for storage. Many people are now choosing to live in RVs on land that they buy as a cheaper living option! When you own an RV you want to keep it in as good condition as possible so keeping it parked on an RV pad will help keep it in premium condition. ConKraft Construction can help you with all of these things!

Whatever the concrete improvements or necessities that need to be done around your house you can trust ConKraft Construction with your concrete needs. They will handle getting permits for your improvements. For a contractor you can trust to stay on time and on budget give ConKraft Construction a call!